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Suite rental regulations in Willa Józefina in Szklarska Poręba


A. These Regulations are an integral part of a suite rental contract. Other parts of the contract are: a Lease Agreement and a Price List.  

A. LESSOR – the owner of the property;
B. ADMINISTRATOR – the person authorised to manage the property;
C. BOOKING FORM – an electronic document being the only form to book a suite via Internet;
D. DEPOSIT – a payment of not less than 30% of the final payment which is a lump sum to cover the costs of the suit preparation;
E. RESERVATION – an initial agreement by which a suite is secured in advance on the terms stated in these Regulations;
F. LEASE AGREEMENT – an approved booking form being a document entitling to rent the suite on the terms stated in the Regulations;
G. CUSTOMER – a legal or individual person having capacity to legal transactions according to the Civil Code;
H. COMPENSATION – a payment due to the Lessor for preparation and booking of the suite being a lump sum of 30% of the full due amount or a payment of 30% of the due amount which is paid to the Customer by the Lessor if the latter is not able to fulfil their obligations after the Customer has made an effective booking.


A. The current offer can be found on www.willajozefina.com.pl, via telephone contact or directly from the Administrator.
B. Suite reservations can be made via the Internet service by sending a completed booking form or directly with the administrator. Phone bookings are available when the on-line service is inaccessible.
C. Consequences of giving inaccurate data in a booking form are born by the Customer.
D. Deposit should be paid by the Customer after they have agreed on the date and the terms of rent.
E. The booking is effective after the deposit of at least 30% of the due amount has been paid to the bank account.
F. If the Customer transfers the full due amount, the deposit will not be requested.
G. Not later than 48 hours after the deposit has been transferred the Administrator or an authorised person will confirm the booking via email to the address given by the Customer.
H. The Customer pays the full due amount either to the bank account or directly to the Administrator not later than on the day of their arrival. Then the deposit is paid back to the Customer.


A. In case the booking has been effective but the Lessor has failed to make the suite available the Customer is entitled to the compensation amounting to 30% of the service value.
B. In case of the Customer cancelling their booking after having paid the deposit the Lessor can claim compensation for the lost profits of 30% of the service value.  

C. If the situation described in B takes place and the deposit has not been requested (see IIIF), the Lessor will keep 30% of the transferred amount as the compensation and pay the remaining amount to the Customers’ bank account.
D. Both parties declare that the aforementioned compensation satisfies all claims of the Lessor or the Customer that may arise under the terms of this agreement as far as the booking or the refusal to provide the service are concerned.


A. The check-in time is 4pm, if it has not been agreed differently.
B. The Customer and the Administrator together check the condition of the suite to be rented according to the stock list.
C. On collecting the keys to the suite the Customer shows their identity document.
D. The keys are handed over to the Customer in the suite.
E. The check-out time is 10am, if it has not been agreed differently.
F. If the Customer extends their stay after 10am without the Administrator’s consent, they will be charged for a prolonged stay.
G. If the Customer wishes to prolong their stay, the Administrator should be notified by 10am on the day of departure. The Administrator will consent to their request as far as it is possible.
H. The Customer has to notify the Administrator or the Lessor without delay about any events that can cause damage to the Service Provider.


A. The prices of individual suites in a given calendar year are to be found on the Price List.
B. The payments are to be made in Polish zlotys (PLN) or in Euros.
C. The payments are to be transferred to the bank account or paid in cash.
D. The climate tax is not included in the price and will be paid directly to the Administrator.
E. The fees for services not included in the booking, e.g. extra nights, Pay TV etc. will be paid directly to the Administrator.
F. All the payments should be settled in advance before check-in. 

G. If the keys are collected after 10pm, an additional charge of 25 PLN will be taken by the Administrator.



A. The Lessor is not responsible for the damage or loss of money, stocks or valuables being the property of the Customers.
B. The Customer is obliged to reimburse the cost of the loss or damage of the key to their room.
C. The Lessor is not responsible for the damage or loss of the car or any other vehicle being the property of the Customers.
D. Due to fire regulations it is not allowed to use in the rooms immersion water heaters or other electric appliances that are not standard room facilities. It does not concern chargers, radios, TV sets or laptops.
E. Before the check-out the Administrator is entitled to check the technical condition of the suite, the facilities and appliances.
F. The Customer is materially responsible for any damage of the facilities or appliances in the room by the Customer or their visitors.
G. If the Lessor fails to perform their obligations due to force majeure, i.e. when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties  such as a natural disaster, war or strike, they are freed from fulfilling their obligations under the agreement.  
H. The Lessor is not responsible for the failure to access the booking system due to the circumstances beyond their control. Therefore they can suspend the access to the  www.willajozefina.com.pl  service for the period of time necessary to overcome technical and organisational problems.



A. By booking rooms at www.willajozefina.com.pl  or by the phone the Customer gives consent to their personal data being included in the www.willajozefina.com.pl  and the Lessor’s databases. 
B. The data will be processed only for the purpose of booking, to facilitate future bookings or for marketing purposes according to the Act on personal data protection of  29 August 1997 Para. No 133 position. 883. The Customer has the right to access their personal data and to update them.


A. The stay in suites is counted in days.
B. Visitors who are not registered at the hotel are allowed in the rooms from 7am to 10pm.
C. Quiet hours in Willa Józefina are from 10pm to 6am.
D. During the quiet hours the guests should be considerate about the others staying at the hotel.
E. The visitors renting suites are not allowed to sub-lease them to third parties, even if the period for which they paid has not yet finished.
F. Animals are not allowed in the suites, unless it has been agreed differently with the Lessor.
G. The Lessor can refuse to accommodate the person who infringed the present regulations during their previous stay.
H. Smoking is prohibited in the suite.
I. On leaving the room the hotel  guest should make sure that they have locked the door properly.
J. The guests are obliged to obey the House Rules of the Housing Community at ul. Szosa Czeska 4, in Szklarska Poręba, Willa Józefina.


A. In matters not regulated by the present Regulations, the regulations of the Civil Code and the Act are applied.

B. The local climate tax is not included in the suite price. It is collected by the Administrator as a separate charge regulated annually by the Resolution of the City Council of Szklarska Poręba.


The Regulations come into force on 1 June 2010.

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